Stik Pink 150

Meli Stik 150 Pink is a set designed for young princesses.

Little female constructors have their heads full of ideas. They are able to build colourful flowers, fairy tale characters and majestic castles out of anything. These flexible sticks made of soft plastic and joined together using marbles with holes can make every girl's dream come true. Attractive pastel colorus encourage children to play and ensure long hours of fun.

If you are looking for a perfect gift for a girl - Meli Stik 150 Pink (containing
100 sticks and 50 marbles) has got you covered!

Meli Stik is also fully compatible with Meli Basic.

When you happen to run out of ideas, you can always follow the instructions in the attached leaflet!

Art. No. 50603
Number of pieces per set: 150
The set includes: