Minis Pastel Travel Box 2500

How to make traveling with children and creative play go together? We know how! MINIS PINK TRAVEL BOX 2500 set contains a huge number of blocks designed for developing, creative play! With so many elements you can create a mosaic depicting an excavator, a unicorn or a plane, but remember that those are only some of the creative possibilities of MELI MINIS 2500 set. With this set, you can build even more complex 3D models. Building a house, a pony farm or a castle is only a matter of time and skill. Such structures help children develop their spatial imagination and manual skills, as well as improve their precision skills. All the elements can be stored safely inside a smart box with a handle after the play is over. With this box, your child's favourite toys can accompany them during travel.

Art. No. 50317
Number of pieces per set: 2500
The set includes: