Travel Box

Maxi Travel Box 230

MAXI TRAVEL BOX 230 blocks are packed in a specially designed box so that no part is ever lost. The blocks have vivid, attractive colours, as well as special teeth to connect the pieces together with ease. The natural way of learning through play will help your child learn colours and numbers. With simple shapes and sizes suitable for your child's age, the blocks are fun to play with, they help children develop their manual skill and improve spatial orientation from the earliest age on. Simple shape and flexible plastic not only make it easy to connect the pieces, it also makes disassembly fun. A convenient and practical suitcase was designed to encourage your child to clean up the blocks after the play is over. The blocks, packed in a small suitcase and taken on a travel, will turn a long journey into an opportunity to play creatively.

Art. No. 50411
Number of pieces per set: 230
The set includes: