Maxi Pink 200

A parrot, a pony or maybe a butterfly? With MELI MAXI PINK 200, inspirations are endless! Easy-to-connect elements resembling jigsaw puzzle pieces can be used to build both flat and 3D structures, which can also be disassembled with ease. Large pieces are designed for children as young as one. Nice colours with shades of pink and purple attract children's attention and invite them to an engaging play. Thanks to a small window in each block, it is possible to create 3D structures. An additional advantage is that MELI MAXI and MELI MAXI PINK sets can be combined together. Are you looking for an original and educational gift for a child? You can be sure that MELI MAXI PINK set will bring a smile to every child's face!

Art. No. 50405
Number of pieces per set: 200
The set includes: