Meli Emoti

Emoti Rainbow

Would you like to help your child establish relations? Would you like to make your child a bit less shy and prepare them for socializing with their peers or teach them empathy? Children love Emoti collections which can help them establish new friendships through play. A set of colorful figurines with funny faces can be used by children both when playing alone or in a group. Each figurine has a different face expressing different emotions, allowing children to play various scenes. With our figurines, your child can learn how to meet new friends, arrange parties, recreate family life scenes or stage plays. The figurines are made of the same plastic as MELI blocks and their faces are made of slightly profiled gel stickers with 3D effect. The faces can be stuck to a figurine of your child's choice. Small and friendly-looking characters resemble the shape of MELI blocks and are a perfect addition to other series. Both the toys and the blocks are made of child-friendly materials with safety attestation and do not contain any harmful substances. Such a collection will provide your children with an immense source of inspiration for creative play.

Art. No. 50205
Number of pieces per set: 12
The set includes: