Meli Emoti

Emoti Happy

Every child dreams of their own collection of toy figures. Our figures are small so your child can take them on a travel. A set of twelve figures with funny faces is a box of ideas for creative play. Various characters resembling collector’s figures can be used for unlimited creative play. Each figure has its own individual character, lives its own adventures and can be used to create various stories. With the help of MELI blocks, children can easily play a scene with a school bus driver, adventures of brave cowboys or a make up a story of residents of a mysterious castle. Unlimited children’s imagination will help them to create their own play scenarios! The figures are made of the same plastic as MELI blocks and their faces are made of slightly profiled gel stickers giving a 3D impression. Your child can put the faces on any figure on their own. Small, friendly characters come in shapes resembling the already familiar MELI blocks. They are made of child-friendly materials with safety attestation and contain no harmful substances. Such a collection will be a source of countless inspirations for your child’s creative play.

Art. No. 50200
Number of pieces per set: 12
The set includes: